Exciting News!

We at Momabears have started a GiveSendGo donations page! https://www.givesendgo.com/momabears

We’re Momabears, so we don’t often ask for help. Mostly, we’re the ones doing the helping. However, we need help to finish our current mailing (of letters from our Momabears, family and friends) about the North Dakota Attorney General’s Ex Parte Administrative Subpoena powers (see below), and we have projects we are developing for our non-profit Momabear clients. This new opportunity offers a way to accept donations for those projects as well as assist with mailing the 30,000 pages of letters sitting here waiting for God to provide the funds to mail them.

The photocopies of the letters themselves were $1410. At just $0.05 cents a photocopy, that’s a lot of letters. We have estimated the postage on these babies will be over $700.

WHY? Why are we doing this? In North Dakota the office of the Attorney General can investigate anyone who is not involved in a criminal case. …and you’ll never know about it. They can subpoena any record, and they don’t have to tell you, or anyone. There’s no judicial or legal oversight.

These letters explain the laws that allow this and inform the North Dakota Legislature that they need to fix the laws that allow for this absolute violation of our constitutional rights. Rights like the promise of security in one’s person and papers that is guaranteed to all. If you’re curious, here’s a link to the letter:


Please feel free to print it out, sign it in front of a notary (typically free at your bank) and then hand deliver or mail to your legislators. The Constitution guarantees your freedom to use your voice. It guarantees your ability to direct the legislature to represent you, your children and your family. It’s time to use our voices, while we still can.

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