MomaBears has grown from an idea to an amazing group of women committed to protecting all children and grandchildren, both now and for the future.

In 2021, we connected with HUNDREDS of the people of North Dakota. We gathered our courage and faced down the giants with our pens, our voices and our hearts.

Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars were spent on the above collection of letters. We poured out the essence within us communicate with our representatives.

Some, simply refused the packages, despite the very obvious evidence that a constituent spent $7.20 for each and every letter sent. As mothers we cannot imagine the hubris that must exist within an individual to refuse hundreds of these letters, especially when communicating with the people is literally your job. However, it is very similar to the unanswered and deleted emails, the hang-ups when calling, the doors slammed in faces, and the demands for money to simply stand in the presence of an elected official. We’re supposed to be begging for scraps of attention at prepaid events.

But we won’t give up. We won’t quit. We won’t believe the lies that some people have more value than others. We’re not done. This is our calling. MomaBears, and family, will continue to protect all those we love.

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